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The Friends of Grace Muriel House

Background & History

Abbeyfield St Albans Society (ASAS) is a local charitable organisation. Managed by local volunteer trustees, it specialises in the provision of residential elderly care. ASAS operates out of Grace Muriel House in Tavistock Avenue, St Albans. Grace Muriel House is a 1970’s purpose built residential care home with capacity to cater for up to 36 residents. Established in 1960, ASAS is one of over 11,500 residential care homes in the UK. Each care operation is regulated and rated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). There are less than 100 care establishments that have been rated as “Outstanding”. Grace Muriel House is one of the few. This is something that the residents of St Albans can feel a sense of pride about. We do.

Why We Need Friends?

Very simply, we want to continue to provide outstanding full time residential and respite care to the elderly in the St Albans locality. Our mission is to ensure that the lives, welfare and wellbeing of all our residents remain in the best possible hands and that the activities we provide remain engaging and enriching. We need funds  to be able to reach out and extend our activities to include those elderly people in the community that may be either living alone, or living with family carers, who for a small contribution may wish to join in and enjoy the activities and social engagement we can provide, whilst at the same time secure some respite. We can only achieve this if we have the financial resources to invest in both our care team and in Grace Muriel House itself. 

Covid 19 has had, and continues to have, a serious emotional and financial impact on all care providers. Grace Muriel House is no exception.  Since March, we have suffered the death of both residents and volunteers because of the virus. This, combined with the concern and lack of confidence in the minds of those people who may be looking for, or in need of, a care solution for a loved one, means that Grace Muriel House has been operating at less than economical levels of capacity for much of the year. Without your help our ability to provide outstanding local care in the future will be seriously compromised, resulting in deferment or even cancellation of investment plans. 

How Can You Help Us?

Please consider becoming a Friend of Grace Muriel House.

As a Friend of Grace Muriel House, you can, if you wish, make a financial donation . How to make a contribution in a tax efficient manner is explained clearly on our website.
A financial contribution is very generous in the challenging times in which we live. There are, however, other ways to contribute and help make a difference. As a Friend you may consider donating a little of your time to work alongside the Trustees and other Grace Muriel House volunteers. Whether this is help collecting articles donated to the charity for sale at auction or on our market stall, working on the market stall itself, or even playing the piano and helping to make music in our residents lounge is all down to you. 

Friends help each other. Whether you choose to donate financially or give of your time, what we will give to you is a focus and an ability to make a real difference to the lives of elderly people in the St Albans community. Please help us to continue helping others.

Yours very sincerely,

George S Ashworth

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